Jun 13

Effective Innovation Methodology and Key Innovation Trends

Innovation Brunch with CreativeDock

Discover an agile innovation methodology and key innovation trends with two excellent speakers: Ines Bamburać (head of the innovation team) & Serge Dupaux (head of business development), both CreativeDock.

Ines and Serge will share with you CreativeDock’s experience and lean innovation methodology. No theory, just real life examples, usecases and the complete process step by step. 
Key phases: 
-          Exploration & Ideation
-          Proof of Concept 
-          Roll-out

CreativeDock builds tailor-made new companies for its clients. The focus is on fintech, insurance, automotive, healthcare, e-commerce or energy. Six years after its founding, CreativeDock employs approximately 450 people in nine European countries and has already built 47 companies. Nevertheless, it has preserved its startup culture.





9:00 opening
9:05–10:00     Key note: Innovation step by step & concrete usecases rolled out by Creative Dock
10:00–11:00discussion, snacks and networking



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